Welcome, and hello.

This is the beginning of a fairly dark, if intriguing journey for those unnacquainted with “Pizzagate” as it has been called in the media. Our end goal is to compile everything we know about the evolution of pizzagate, both on the internet and in the mainstream media, and put it into a book format. Given the sheer amount of data there is to process community contribution will be greatly appreciated.  It is critical that we keep all contributions objective and fact based. The media has called Pizzagate fake news, but a good unbiased research into pizagate is lacking, therefore our website tries to present the facts and perspectives from different angles instead of saying this is either fake news or true. We hope to accomplish that by presenting facts, not tin foil conjecture. If you would like to contribute whether it be infographs, or writing, email us at pizzapartyshutdown@gmail.com or go to our contact page.

Welcome to a great undertaking. Stay well, stay safe, and stay vigilant.


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