The James Alefantis death threats

On the 5th of January 2017, Pizzagate researcher Ryan O’ Neal uploaded a video to Youtube in which he claimed James Alefantis threatened him after distributing a video about the Pegasus Museum, owned by James Alefantis.

In the conversation Alefantis asks Ryan to take down the video about the Pegasus Museum, while keeping up the video about the Kill Room. He also asks Ryan to keep up his Voat account.

Ryan O’ Neal says he has filed a police report and the FBI supposedly is investigating the death threats.


Police report he says he has filed

If the conversation isn’t faked is uncertain. Several users have their doubts about the video. In a related Voat thread ( ), user throwawaa said that after 9 hours Ryan hadn’t given any proof yet. On Youtube several users were critical too. Some of them thought it was strange how Ryan seemed too calm for a person receiving death threats.

After this, Ryan posted a video in which he showed how the phone number referred to in the video was the one from Alefantis:

Users however were critical here too and raised questions about it, as it’s possible to register a phone number on any name and the phone number could just as well be of Comet Ping Pong.

After this Ryan released a video in which he showed that the conversation linked to Alefantis’ video, this video is however taken down of Youtube due to copyright claim by James A. Alefantis:


The video can however be seen in a video by another user:

There however still was criticism, as there was no source code shown in the video, as the source code could have been altered this video too didn’t give definitive proof for the claim.

Original Video:


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