Amy Merrill and Journey

In a thread on Voat, user EyesWideScared put forward a theory about possible connections with pizzagate of organizations related to Amy Merrill.

he user wrote:

Amy Merril was the Director of Partnerships & Business Development for anti-sex trafficking organization SMF. Amy was Chief Partnerships Officer at anti-sex trafficking organization Change Heroes. Change Heroes partners with Clinton Global Initiative partner “Free the Children” charity.

Amy developed partners like PBS’ Half the Sky, Girl empowerment organization. (who enjoys partners like swirl logo organization Seedlings:

Amy is the co-founder of Journey. Journey is an organization that raises money for poor children in 3rd world countries. After donating several thousand dollars, these donors are encouraged to travel these countries to meet these children they’ve sponsored

Despite, having a long history in working in anti-sex trafficking organizations, Amy seems very naive about a few things. Among those, she chose to use the Triangular Swirl “Boy-Love” logo for the logo for Journey!


The logo of Journey

There weren’t many responses to the theory which EyesWideScared proposed and there isn’t any concrete evidence that Amy Merrill has connections to pizzagate.


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