Ben Swann off air after Pizzagate item

On the 26th of January 2017, Rodney Ho from wrote an article about the sudden disappearance of Ben Swann ( available here in archived edition )

He has been off air since late in the last week of January the 26th.

Sharon Reed is solo-anchoring, who is normally his co-anchor, sometimes joined by Tracye Hutchins, but according to Ho, even the staff doesn’t know what’s going on.

Swann hasn’t posted on his Instagram and Facebook since the item aired. He has only retweeted on his Twitter account.

On the same day, Swann sent out a tweet about fundraising for a story about ISIS, which would be created by the US according to Swann:


Some followers on his Twitter asked him if this Tweet was related to his Pizzagate item.

On the 27th of January 2017, Rodney Ho from wrote an updaye on the situation (which can be read here ), Ben Swann would return to CBS46 on Monday 30 January 2017.

Frank Volpicella told CBS46 staff at a morning meeting that he himself took full responsibility for the Pizzagate story and told staff of Swann’s imminent return.

About an hour after the post of Ho, Swann posted the following message on his Facebook page, which would be deleted on Tuesday, he said:


Hey guys, everyone is asking if things are OK. They are. I will be heading back to CBS46 on Monday but there are going to be some changes. The biggest one will be that this social page will go dark f/n on Tzuday [sic], Feb 1. We’ve been building this project for 6 years and those who have come to know me.. I hope you have also come to trust me.

The same picture and a similar message were posted on his Twitter account

According to Ho, Swann was taken off air shortly after The Daily Beast published an article in which a tin foil hat was placed on top of Swann’s head.

Some of his Facebook followers thought it was because of the pizzagate item:

Jeffrey Davison: “the pizzagate story riled up the elites enough to bring Ben into their sphere of threats, therefore Ben has now become a target to be oppressed, potentially discredited and brought under the reign of their leash of permitted news.

ryan Watterson: “Golly, I hope he’s not suicidal or anything. Journalists who expose things about the Left often end up suiciding themselves and stuffing their own bodies into suitcases. Instead of “cancelled” it should rather say “silenced.”

Some commenters on the article of Ho are critical of Swann, Mr Fair said:

Swann is clearly attempting to launch himself as a bright new star on the conservative alt-right, fake news stage. The question is why is he being given air time on a local CBS affiliate to do this? I watch the local news to get local news, not to hear another smug, serious self-serving, self-appointed protector of the public giving me his biased opinions on imaginary national events. There are enough of these people already on all the 24 hour cable channels — we do not need to start hearing this biased misinformation on our local newscasts as well. CBS 46 needs to let him go to pursue his career in fake news and crackpot conspiracies on Fox News and the internet where he belongs.

Another commenter was critical of the author himself, vmstewart said:

Congratulations to Rodney on his FOURTH article about Ben Swann’s story about Pizzagate, and his subsequent mysterious disappearance from the airwaves. Even though Rodney has discredited Pizzagate and those who would like for there to be an actual criminal investigation into a possible child sex ring, he is more than happy to post repeated blog stories about the issue, probably hoping that some of Ben Swann’s 500,000 or so fans would click on the ol’ Radio and TV Talk blog.

I’m impressed that Rodney actually hit the streets and did some real reporting, going all the way to the CBS46 lobby. Too bad all his journalistic skills could muster was a brush off by the receptionist. Of course there is also the question as to how Rodney knows what was said by Volpicella at a recent staff meeting. Since Rodney didn’t state how he came to know what was said in the meeting, we can assume whatever we want because for all we know, Rodney just made up that quote.

Maybe now that Ben Swann will be back on TV he can do a “Reality Check” segment on the AJC and WSB staff. He could investigate all those juicy stories that neither Rodney nor anyone else at the Coxopoly would ever think about exposing in detail. Like Jovita Moore’s nasty divorce, or Tyisha Fernandes DUI arrest, or the former AJC music critic arrested for child abuse.

Anyone at WSB TV or the AJC want to spill the beans on the shenanigans and any criminal activity?

On Voat, it was speculated by users that Swann used a code in his message, referring to The Art of War by Sun Tzu (which would be why Tuesday is written as Tzuday and sun with a capital letter). One user pointed out that in a second Tweet, a symbol was added under February 1st:


Another user said it looked a lot like the symbol of The Art of War:


One user, itsdazzling, suggested the possibility that February 1 is a code to be interpreted as 2/1, and found the following:

“2 in section 1 is: “It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to

ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.””


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