Security cameras around Comet Ping Pong

On the 26th of January 2017, a thread appeared on Voat ( which can be found here ) by Karenrussell63 about a repositioning of the security camera which is normally aimed at Comet Ping Pong. At 8:54 am the camera was back in its’ old position again.

A screencapture was made of a user at 2017-01-25 8:25:22 AM EST


Some users speculated that the vehicles which can be seen are from the FBI. User CarolusRex posted an image of the model that is commonly used by the FBI, and pointed out the resemblance:


One user speculated the FBI might have tried to give a secret message:”Might be the FBI just telling us that they are with us. If JA and crew dont know about this, then theyd sure AF would get nervous seeing this.

User crazimal had a possible alternative explanation for the camera switch: “Another thought; not sure how these cams networks are set up really… any chance this cam switching happens because for example the individual cams are dynamically addressed and renew occasionally and the network knows them by their dynamically assigned address, so when cams sharing a certain power circuit, group, or server all renew at once there is a chance (? 50% if two cams in group) that the net will show a different cam at the same location? Just a thought…

The switch before the Welch event was suspicious as could be but sometimes there are explanations other than conspiracy.

Even bad code or lazy technicians can play roles at times.

User bronwynne wondered if the cars are probably from other groups or organizations: “Kinda look like airport to hotel type vehicles to me… or some low level drug dealer wannabe-gangster from Surrey in BC.


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