The James Alefantis interview with Megyn Kelly

At the 15th of December 2016, Megyn Kelly interviewed James Alefantis about Pizzagate in her show.


They started talking about the Comet Ping Pong shooting by Edgar Maddison Welch and how Alefantis experienced it. He says how people accused him on his Facebook and Instagram. Then he says how people used pictures from his Facebook and Instagram.

He explains the picture with the girl with taped hands as being his Godchild, which was playing with her sister, who taped her hands, and the picture being put online with the permission of her parents. According to Alefantis, people started to spread lies and false things about innocent people, linking it to the image.

Megyn Kelly continues saying it was started by Alex Jones. She also said the police has said it’s fake.

The interview:

The interview got discussed in a thread on reddit.

Users were criticizing Megyn Kelly for not asking more and deeper questions.

One user criticized Megyn Kelly for asking a question which contained incorrect information: “do we even have access to James’ emails? WTF is this dumb cunt talking about:

“You have emails that talk about pizza, when you run a pizza parlour!”

lmao, no. Wikileaks released john podesta’s emails and they spoke of pizza in an extremely strange fashion and through a number of links it came back to J’aime Les enfants.”

Another user thought there was a peculiar coincidence in the shooting:

I just watched this and the intro to the video did bring up parts of the story no one has raised, like they actually showed a couple of the Instagram posts, one of the ‘kill room / refrigerator’ and one of the little girl with her hands taped to a table.

He said that the guy who came in with a gun fired a shot that just happened to hit their computer system, through a wall. Ho-lee-sheit. “Whoops the bad guy destroyed all the evidence… whoopsie!”

On Voat, some users suspect the interview to be scripted, Ninjakick666 said: “I watch the body language and intonation of speech… this interview was scripted and well rehearsed… but he is still really nervous about his future… he knows people can see thru his facade. He honestly doesn’t know how this is going to end.

Some users also criticized Megyn for some of her claims, one user said: “Kept saying DC police confirmed it is fake. Really? Are you aware of just how corrupt the DC police force is?

It was also said that it’s unlikely that a small girl had done the tape: “How could ANYONE believe that the little girl’s sister taped down her forearms and hands? Those piece of masking tape were perfectly and precisely cut with scissors, not something that a couple of little girls would do when playing.

Megan Kelly received a lot of criticism on YouTube too and many people are unsatisfied with her interview, disappointed with her journalistic skills in this interview.



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