The James Alefantis interview with Megyn Kelly

At the 15th of December 2016, Megyn Kelly interviewed James Alefantis about Pizzagate in her show.


They started talking about the Comet Ping Pong shooting by Edgar Maddison Welch and how Alefantis experienced it. He says how people accused him on his Facebook and Instagram. Then he says how people used pictures from his Facebook and Instagram.

He explains the picture with the girl with taped hands as being his Godchild, which was playing with her sister, who taped her hands, and the picture being put online with the permission of her parents. According to Alefantis, people started to spread lies and false things about innocent people, linking it to the image.

Megyn Kelly continues saying it was started by Alex Jones. She also said the police has said it’s fake.

The interview:

The interview got discussed in a thread on reddit.

Users were criticizing Megyn Kelly for not asking more and deeper questions.

One user criticized Megyn Kelly for asking a question which contained incorrect information: “do we even have access to James’ emails? WTF is this dumb cunt talking about:

“You have emails that talk about pizza, when you run a pizza parlour!”

lmao, no. Wikileaks released john podesta’s emails and they spoke of pizza in an extremely strange fashion and through a number of links it came back to J’aime Les enfants.”

Another user thought there was a peculiar coincidence in the shooting:

I just watched this and the intro to the video did bring up parts of the story no one has raised, like they actually showed a couple of the Instagram posts, one of the ‘kill room / refrigerator’ and one of the little girl with her hands taped to a table.

He said that the guy who came in with a gun fired a shot that just happened to hit their computer system, through a wall. Ho-lee-sheit. “Whoops the bad guy destroyed all the evidence… whoopsie!”

On Voat, some users suspect the interview to be scripted, Ninjakick666 said: “I watch the body language and intonation of speech… this interview was scripted and well rehearsed… but he is still really nervous about his future… he knows people can see thru his facade. He honestly doesn’t know how this is going to end.

Some users also criticized Megyn for some of her claims, one user said: “Kept saying DC police confirmed it is fake. Really? Are you aware of just how corrupt the DC police force is?

It was also said that it’s unlikely that a small girl had done the tape: “How could ANYONE believe that the little girl’s sister taped down her forearms and hands? Those piece of masking tape were perfectly and precisely cut with scissors, not something that a couple of little girls would do when playing.

Megan Kelly received a lot of criticism on YouTube too and many people are unsatisfied with her interview, disappointed with her journalistic skills in this interview.



The Shooting at Comet Ping Pong and Edgar Maddison Welch

Edgar Maddison Welch, a man from Salisbury, North Carolina, 28 years old at the time of the shooting, was the gunman who fired two shots inside of Comet Ping Pong at the 4th of december, 2016.


Edgar Maddison Welch in a picture from his Facebook profile

According to Lee Elmore, an employee of Comet Ping Pong, everyone started to panic when he walked towards the back of the restaurant.

When he was arrested, Welch told police he was self-investigating the theory that Comet Ping Pong was a sex child-trafficking center.

After he found no evidence children were being harbored in the restaurant, he surrendered.

The police charged Welch with assault with a dangerous weapon.

After the shooting, James Alefantis, the owner of the pizzeria, said: “What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories does come with consequences,

Between Fessenden Street and Nebraska Avenue NW, Connecticut Avenue was closed that day, but reopened about 6 p.m. after the police found nothing hazardous in the area.

According to court documents, Welch drove from his home to Comet Ping Pong to see for himself what it was all about.  After arriving in the restaurant, he fired from a weapon, an AR-15 rifle, police said. In the restaurant a rifle and a handgun were found.

James Alefantis closed the restaurant for a few days after the shooting. Two days after the shooting the restaurant was reopened again.


The criminal complaint filed in the Comet Ping Pong shooting

Download a PDF of the criminal complaint here

Friends of Welch said the shooting was out of character with how they know him.

He later said how he “regret(s) how I handled the situation“. Edgar Madisson welch gave an interview to Adam Goldman of The New York Times (which can be read here) as he sat in D.C. jail, in which he said he first planned to just take a closer look, but changed his plans later when he arrived, firing a shot. Court documents said he had come armed to the restaurant “to rescue children”.

About the fact that Welch discovered there were no children harbored in Comet Ping Pong, he told Goldman: “The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent,”.

Welch said he didn’t like the term fake news, because he thought it was ment to diminish stories outside the mainstream media, which he doesn’t trust. He also said he isn’t political and didn’t vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but he said that he hoped Donald Trump would bring the US “in the right direction”.

Goldman said that Welch was soft-spoken and polite and cautious to speak about what happened, citing his lawyer.

He said he doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories, but thought 9/11 needs to be re-examined. He also said he likes to listen to Alex Jones.

On Tuesday the 24th of January 2017, ABC7 wrote that there was a surprising turn in the case. Prosecutors had offered Edgar Maddison Welch a plea deal when he would appear in Federal Court Tuesday the 31st of January 2017. Welch’s attorney said she received a call from prosecutors the 23th of January Monday in which they informed her of a plea proposal.

Welch’s parents believe their son underwent a personality change after he hit a 13-year-old boy with his car earlier in October 2016.

Maddison has a career in the film industry, as can be seen in his IMDB profile, which can be seen here.

He was a production assistent for the films “The Mill” and “A Tale About a Bootlegging”. He wrote the film “Mute” and was an actor in the film “The Bleeding”.

On social media, his past in the film industry led to theories that he is a “crisis actor”, hired to carry out a “false flag” at Comet Ping Pong, writes.

At December the 5th 2017, an alternative news website, called 70news, proposed the theory that the the Comet Ping Pong gunman story was published 10 hours before it happened. He referred to the article itself, and an archived version of a Google Search of the article. A Voat user, Omnipotent1, pointed out that this is a known Google bug, in the following part of a post in a related Voat thread:

You guys are embarrassing. It’s a known google bug to display times wrong. I believe google uses gmt by default and it messes with things like this.

Everyone is so quick to upvote without checking and confirming things. Not blaming the topic creator, he saw something odd and posted it.

The author of the thread said at his website that Omnipotent1’s account was just 22 minutes old, but that scepticism was nevertheless important.

In a Google discussion about a similar case of an article which showed up as being published about 10 hours earlier, StevieD_Web from Google explained this Google bug:

Google uses GMT in official documentation, such as the time reported in Google Cache.

I believe the reported time in the search results can come from various sources.

Obvious Googlebot GMT would be one of those sources.

Googlebot also reads the publication time from the server documentation. What is the reporting time of the server? Maybe the server is reporting the local time of the site owner. Or the local time of the server’s location. OR the server might be reporting GMT. In addition it is conceivable that the server published an incorrect time

Then there is the reported time on the page itself:
(. FEBRUARY 26, 2015 | 05:14PM PT )

In addition, you may be longed into your Google account, but your local time setting may be incorrect.

So now we got multiple times, none of which may match the others and some of them could be incorrect because of a faulty clock.

Bottom line, there are often errors in the reporting time shown in search results. After the first day, it doesn’t matter since 1 day is 1 day.

Caleb Stephen from We Are Change, an organization of independent investigators, also claims that the attack was a false flag. According to him it is suspicious that on the 2nd of December, Comet Ping Pong has increased its’ security and on the 3rd of December, the traffic camera was re-directed. According to Rachel Kurzius from DCist, a website about Washington D.C., the increased security was a result of harassment over pizzagate which harmed Comet Ping Pong. In a Voat thread the moved camera at the 3rd of December is discussed.


User Fishy-business says: “Nothing seems coincidental anymore“.

User totesgoats908234 also thinks the new direction of the camera was strange: “Looking at gmaps, the camera is a dome camera, so you can’t see what direction its looking at. It is also the type of camera that can be controlled remotely in terms of pan and tilt. I am well familiar with surveillance cameras, specifically IP Cameras.

The direction it is turned at doesn’t really make sense to me because almost half of the screen is now recording just the post that is holding the camera up. If they wanted to record whatever that direction is originally, they wouldn’t have mounted it so that the view is so obscured.

Really fishy.

User EndThePizza thought the harassment of Comet Ping Pong might be an explanation: “an explanation for that could be that CPP is concerned about harassment

User Ninjakick666 speculated that someone might have taken over the camera because of bad security: “I remember a russian website that had a database of unsecured IP cameras that you could browse by geographic location… would you happen to know of an alternative? I had a blast just messing around on all those security cams on poles with their controls unlocked so I could pan and zoom all on my own.

Some other users believe it is proof for a false flag attack, Drunkenmoba said: “Congrats on the spot. You found the precursor for the false flag attack.

Amy Merrill and Journey

In a thread on Voat, user EyesWideScared put forward a theory about possible connections with pizzagate of organizations related to Amy Merrill.

he user wrote:

Amy Merril was the Director of Partnerships & Business Development for anti-sex trafficking organization SMF. Amy was Chief Partnerships Officer at anti-sex trafficking organization Change Heroes. Change Heroes partners with Clinton Global Initiative partner “Free the Children” charity.

Amy developed partners like PBS’ Half the Sky, Girl empowerment organization. (who enjoys partners like swirl logo organization Seedlings:

Amy is the co-founder of Journey. Journey is an organization that raises money for poor children in 3rd world countries. After donating several thousand dollars, these donors are encouraged to travel these countries to meet these children they’ve sponsored

Despite, having a long history in working in anti-sex trafficking organizations, Amy seems very naive about a few things. Among those, she chose to use the Triangular Swirl “Boy-Love” logo for the logo for Journey!


The logo of Journey

There weren’t many responses to the theory which EyesWideScared proposed and there isn’t any concrete evidence that Amy Merrill has connections to pizzagate.

Ben Swann off air after Pizzagate item

On the 26th of January 2017, Rodney Ho from wrote an article about the sudden disappearance of Ben Swann ( available here in archived edition )

He has been off air since late in the last week of January the 26th.

Sharon Reed is solo-anchoring, who is normally his co-anchor, sometimes joined by Tracye Hutchins, but according to Ho, even the staff doesn’t know what’s going on.

Swann hasn’t posted on his Instagram and Facebook since the item aired. He has only retweeted on his Twitter account.

On the same day, Swann sent out a tweet about fundraising for a story about ISIS, which would be created by the US according to Swann:


Some followers on his Twitter asked him if this Tweet was related to his Pizzagate item.

On the 27th of January 2017, Rodney Ho from wrote an updaye on the situation (which can be read here ), Ben Swann would return to CBS46 on Monday 30 January 2017.

Frank Volpicella told CBS46 staff at a morning meeting that he himself took full responsibility for the Pizzagate story and told staff of Swann’s imminent return.

About an hour after the post of Ho, Swann posted the following message on his Facebook page, which would be deleted on Tuesday, he said:


Hey guys, everyone is asking if things are OK. They are. I will be heading back to CBS46 on Monday but there are going to be some changes. The biggest one will be that this social page will go dark f/n on Tzuday [sic], Feb 1. We’ve been building this project for 6 years and those who have come to know me.. I hope you have also come to trust me.

The same picture and a similar message were posted on his Twitter account

According to Ho, Swann was taken off air shortly after The Daily Beast published an article in which a tin foil hat was placed on top of Swann’s head.

Some of his Facebook followers thought it was because of the pizzagate item:

Jeffrey Davison: “the pizzagate story riled up the elites enough to bring Ben into their sphere of threats, therefore Ben has now become a target to be oppressed, potentially discredited and brought under the reign of their leash of permitted news.

ryan Watterson: “Golly, I hope he’s not suicidal or anything. Journalists who expose things about the Left often end up suiciding themselves and stuffing their own bodies into suitcases. Instead of “cancelled” it should rather say “silenced.”

Some commenters on the article of Ho are critical of Swann, Mr Fair said:

Swann is clearly attempting to launch himself as a bright new star on the conservative alt-right, fake news stage. The question is why is he being given air time on a local CBS affiliate to do this? I watch the local news to get local news, not to hear another smug, serious self-serving, self-appointed protector of the public giving me his biased opinions on imaginary national events. There are enough of these people already on all the 24 hour cable channels — we do not need to start hearing this biased misinformation on our local newscasts as well. CBS 46 needs to let him go to pursue his career in fake news and crackpot conspiracies on Fox News and the internet where he belongs.

Another commenter was critical of the author himself, vmstewart said:

Congratulations to Rodney on his FOURTH article about Ben Swann’s story about Pizzagate, and his subsequent mysterious disappearance from the airwaves. Even though Rodney has discredited Pizzagate and those who would like for there to be an actual criminal investigation into a possible child sex ring, he is more than happy to post repeated blog stories about the issue, probably hoping that some of Ben Swann’s 500,000 or so fans would click on the ol’ Radio and TV Talk blog.

I’m impressed that Rodney actually hit the streets and did some real reporting, going all the way to the CBS46 lobby. Too bad all his journalistic skills could muster was a brush off by the receptionist. Of course there is also the question as to how Rodney knows what was said by Volpicella at a recent staff meeting. Since Rodney didn’t state how he came to know what was said in the meeting, we can assume whatever we want because for all we know, Rodney just made up that quote.

Maybe now that Ben Swann will be back on TV he can do a “Reality Check” segment on the AJC and WSB staff. He could investigate all those juicy stories that neither Rodney nor anyone else at the Coxopoly would ever think about exposing in detail. Like Jovita Moore’s nasty divorce, or Tyisha Fernandes DUI arrest, or the former AJC music critic arrested for child abuse.

Anyone at WSB TV or the AJC want to spill the beans on the shenanigans and any criminal activity?

On Voat, it was speculated by users that Swann used a code in his message, referring to The Art of War by Sun Tzu (which would be why Tuesday is written as Tzuday and sun with a capital letter). One user pointed out that in a second Tweet, a symbol was added under February 1st:


Another user said it looked a lot like the symbol of The Art of War:


One user, itsdazzling, suggested the possibility that February 1 is a code to be interpreted as 2/1, and found the following:

“2 in section 1 is: “It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to

ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.””

Security cameras around Comet Ping Pong

On the 26th of January 2017, a thread appeared on Voat ( which can be found here ) by Karenrussell63 about a repositioning of the security camera which is normally aimed at Comet Ping Pong. At 8:54 am the camera was back in its’ old position again.

A screencapture was made of a user at 2017-01-25 8:25:22 AM EST


Some users speculated that the vehicles which can be seen are from the FBI. User CarolusRex posted an image of the model that is commonly used by the FBI, and pointed out the resemblance:


One user speculated the FBI might have tried to give a secret message:”Might be the FBI just telling us that they are with us. If JA and crew dont know about this, then theyd sure AF would get nervous seeing this.

User crazimal had a possible alternative explanation for the camera switch: “Another thought; not sure how these cams networks are set up really… any chance this cam switching happens because for example the individual cams are dynamically addressed and renew occasionally and the network knows them by their dynamically assigned address, so when cams sharing a certain power circuit, group, or server all renew at once there is a chance (? 50% if two cams in group) that the net will show a different cam at the same location? Just a thought…

The switch before the Welch event was suspicious as could be but sometimes there are explanations other than conspiracy.

Even bad code or lazy technicians can play roles at times.

User bronwynne wondered if the cars are probably from other groups or organizations: “Kinda look like airport to hotel type vehicles to me… or some low level drug dealer wannabe-gangster from Surrey in BC.

Barack Obama, the e-mails and Comet Ping Pong

Possible connections linking Obama, former president of the United States, to Comet Ping Pong arose when James Alefantis posted a photo of Barack Obama playing ping pong with a child on Instagram.



In one of the e-mails, it can be read that Obama held a phone bank at the location of Comet Ping Pong:
Date: 2012-10-21 23:28
Subject: John, can you make some calls for Virginia

John — Volunteers are making phone calls to support Virginia this Monday — can you join them?
Here are the details:
What: Phone bank in Washington
Where: 5037 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
When: Monday, October 22nd Shifts start at 5:00 pm
E-mail which mentions Comet Ping Pong as a phone bank

If we look up the address, we can indeed see that it’s Comet Ping Pong:


Apart from Comet Ping Pong, other e-mails have been found in which users from Reddit thought some kind of code may be used:

From: Fred Burton []
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:39 PM
To: ‘Don Kuykendall’
Cc: ‘Aaric Eisenstein’; ‘Darryl O’Connor’; ‘Copeland Susan’
Subject: RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels?

A reply which was sent to this, said:

Email-ID 1223066
Date 2009-05-14 21:50:25
RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”

If we get the same “waitresses,” I’m all for it!!!

Aaric S. Eisenstein

E-mail mentioning hot dogs

In a related Reddit thread ( Related Reddit thread here ) users started speculating about the meaning of the e-mails.

The user usuallyprettywrong said about the reply: “Why put “waitress” in quotes unless it has a double meaning?
Jimmydorry speculated that the code might be referring to drugs, when he said: “I think drugs.”
One user was sceptical about the amount of money mentioned: “I also think drugs… but this is seriously a fucking scandal. You’re telling me Obama spent 65K of taxpayer money on whatever the fuck this codeword is used for? It’s definitely not actual pizza and hotdogs which are readily available in DC. WTF. This should blow up. But I’m sure it won’t.
User errihu however put this claim in perspective: “65K is not that much. It might cover christmas parties for several departments, actually. Most parties thrown by government or companies run about $100 a head or more. A party at the White House might easily run $500 a head for catering and events and all the related costs (such as clean up), if parties at higher end businesses are any indication of the potential cost. A $65k party at $500 a head is 150 people. It probably came from the annual $12.7 million White House budget, which includes moneys for entertaining.

So while this is obviously not hot dogs and pizza, unless it’s hot dogs and pizza for 6500 people… this is not a gasp-worthy budget for a party by any means. I once went to a company christmas party where the company shelled out approximately $1000/person for two nights in a swanky hotel, a gourmet four-course dinner, and an open bar.

Reddit user boonamobile was sceptical, and said: “To play devil’s advocate, pizza and hot dogs are the two regionally styled foods that Chicago is most known for

Ben Swann “reality check” of CBS reports

CBS anchor Ben Swann did a “reality check” on Pizzagate on the 17th of January 2017, in which he looked at Pizzagate.


He started the reality check with Edgar Maddisson Welch, the shooter at Comet Ping Pong, and explains that the media regarded it as fake news, after which he looks into what Pizzagate is.

He sums up the following about what it is:
– Actually from Wikileaks release of Podesta e-mails
– Around 50,000 leaked e-mails
– None mention child sex trafficking or pedophilia

He continues that there are however strangely worded e-mails:

– Dozens of e-mails mention pizza and handkerchiefs
– Code language used by pedophiles?

Swann explains how according to the mainstream media, Comet Ping Pong was somehow linked to the fake news story and had no relation to anyone involved, while Comet Ping Pong is however mentioned in the e-mails.

Swann also says that the owner of the pizzeria, James Alefantis, is a friend of John Podesta and that Alefantis is one of the most powerful people in Washington. He continues that no solid evidence exists that Comet Ping Pong is used to run a child trafficking ring, but that there are strange connections with a pizza place nearby, Besta pizza, and claimed pedophilia connections.

He shows a part of an unclassified 2007 FBI document:


The document contains commonly used symbols by pedophiles, according to the FBI. The blue symbol on the right top signifies “boy love”. In the next shot, Swann shows what was the logo of Besta pizza:


He says that it was their logo up to a few weeks ago and contains the blue pedophile symbol on the top right mentioned in the previous shot.

Swann says that after pizzagate researchers found out, they changed their logo to the following one:


A triangle.

In the next part Swann starts about the parties at Comet Ping Pong and shows a poster of the band Sex Stains and says that the band has songs which joke about pedophilia and Sex Stains has a video that includes a symbol that is nearly identical to the symbol in the FBI document meaning boy love:


He continues on Alefantis who was once in a relationship with David Brock of Media Matters for America and how Alefantis made his Instagram profile, Jimmy Comet, after pizzagate showed up, private. An archived search however revealed strange photographs and disturbing images, Swann explains.

After this he starts about the Podesta brothers. John Podesta talks in the e-mails about his close relationship with Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the house who was recently sent to prison for his abuse of boys years ago. The judge called him a “serial child molester”.

Swann concludes saying that there are some very strange things surrounding pizzagate, but that there is no proof that a child trafficking ring is run by pizza partner in Washington D.C., but that there has not be one public investigation from local police, the FBI or others.

After the release of the video, Youtube user Ryan O’ Neal, also known as Pizzagategear promoted the video on his Youtube channel.

CBS doesn’t have the video on their website since january the 19th 2017, for reasons unknown the video suddenly is unavailable:


The Daily Beast wrote a critical article about the report by Ben Swann (which can be found here: The Daily Beast – Meet Ben Swann, the Republican Pizzagate Truther Hosting Atlanta’s CBS Nightly News ) criticizing him for his former job at Russia Today and other reports he made which The Daily Beast is critical about.

The main point of criticism is that Swann didn’t reach out to any of the people and organizations involved, like Comet Ping Pong, John Podesta or the FBI. The Daily Beast also tried to reach the executives at CBS and CBS46 News for comments about the report, CBS 46 news director Frank Voicelli answered the phone after several calls, saying he didn’t have time to comment, because his news broadcast was about to start, “I will say Ben was meticulous with his fact-finding and sourcing on his Reality Check segment,” Volpicelli said about the Reality Check segment.

The Daily Mail tried to call and mail Ben Swann with no reply.
National CBS News Spokesperson Christina Robertson sent a reply after the publicatiin of the article by The Daily Beast: “WGCL-TV in Atlanta is not owned or operated by CBS. As such, CBS News has no editorial control over the station’s news product,” she said.

The Daily Beast article could however not refute any of the claims Ben Swann made and only criticized him for his relations to Republican Party members.