2nd of July 2016 – An anonymous 4chan user, known as FBI anon, reveals that there is something concerning about the Clinton Foundation

~31st of October 2016 – 4chan stumbles across unusual wording in John Podestas e-mails that were released by Wikileaks. Most of the terms are food words (hot dog, pizza, pasta, cheese). They are used in contexts that seem out of place with the rest of the message.

4th of December 2016 – Shooting at Comet Ping Pong by Edgar Maddison Welch

10th of December 2016 – The New York Times publishes an article dissecting the pizzagate conspiracy theory, which debunks some parts of the theory

15th of December 2016 – James Alefantis interviewed by Megyn Kelly

5th of  January 2017 – Ryan O’ Neal (pizzagategear) claims to have got death threats by James Alefantis

17th of January 2017 – Ben Swann does a “reality check” on pizzagate

27th of January 2017 – After his absence since the item on Pizzagate, Ben Swann announces that he will return on CBS the following Monday, one of the changes is the removal of his social media accounts on the following Tuesday